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An Introduction to Interpretation of Statutes


The skill and proficiency in the Interpretation of statutes is an art which can be perfected not only by gathering academic knowledge but, more importantly, by putting that knowledge into practice. Evolution & development of law is a dynamic concept sine qua non to socio-economic, political and scientific inventions. Accordingly, the principles of interpretation of statutes also keep on evolving in order to decipher the true intentions of the lawmakers in the fast-emerging social scenario. Therefore, the law students need to be equipped with the knowledge and know-how to find the correct meaning of the statutes, especially if there is some ambiguity, absurdity, non-clarity or shortcoming in the written text of the law.

In most of the law institutes, the subject “Interpretation of Statutes” is included in the syllabus of post-graduate degree courses; some law colleges have also prescribed it as an optional subject at under-graduate level. It is one of those subjects which helps a law degree holder to become a complete professional, and a judge to appreciate the law in the correct perspective.

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