Commercial’s : Central Civil Acts (in 2 Volumes)

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“Civil” means relating to the State or its citizenery. Relating to private rights and remedies sought by civil actions as contrasted with criminal proceedings. The word “Civil” is derived from the Latin Civilis, a citizen.-Black’s Law Dictionary.

“Civil action”: Action brought to enforce, redress, or protect private rights. In general, all types of actions other than criminal proceedings. The term includes all actions, both those formerly known as equitable actions and those known as legal actions, or, in other phraseology, both suits in equity and actions at law.

In the great majority of States which have adopted rules or codes of civil procedure as patterned on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, there is only one form of action known as “civil action”.

The former distinction between actions at law and suits in equity, and the separate forms of those actions and suits, have been abolished -Rule of Civil
Procedure 2; New York CPLR “Civil Law” means that body of law which every particular nation, commonwealth, or city has established peculiarly for itself; more properly called “municipal” law, to distinguish it from the “law of nature”, and international law. Laws concerned with civil or private rights and remedies, as contrasted with criminal laws.

All Central Civil Acts with effect from 31-10-2019 have become applicable throughout India including the existing State of Jammu and Kashmir (Prior to  ommencement date) (Now the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Union territory of Ladakh) by the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019 (34 of 2019), dated 9.8.2019. In this time saviour book we have reproduced 121 complete text of Central Acts (Civil), as amended up to 1st May, 2024, with short notes and case laws would serve the purpose of having an overall view of the subject at one spot.

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