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Compulsory English


This 4th edition of Compulsory English has been fully revised and updated. It has been updated with section-wise solved papers of IAS (MAINS) COMPULSORY ENGLISH 2021 & 2022. The new edition will enable students to read, comprehend, and learn from the past 12 years (2022-2011) section-wise solved segments on Grammar, Vocabulary, Precis, Comprehension & Sentence Correction. The book covers the subject comprehensively in 5 parts with an extensive repository of explanations, examples, practice tests & previous years’ questions with solutions; that aid the students in learning and retaining the concepts and equips them to apply them in different scenarios.

The online feedback by verified customers in the public domain is a guiding post for the public to judge the quality of the book and upholds the quality claims of the book and corroborates its NUMBER ONE NATIONAL BEST SELLER POSITION for 12 years consecutively. Its PAN INDIA reach is a testimony to its national popularity. The content provided is tested in classroom settings through the pedagogical skills and 20 years of teaching experience of its author, A P BHARDWAJ.

The book Includes

Part A: Elements of Grammar

Part B: Vocabulary Building

Part C: Essentials of Composition Part D: Assessing Level

Part D: Art of Translation

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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 3.5 cm