Family Law 1



Family Law 1


Family Law Lectures I is a comprehensive study of all the important aspects of Indian family law, including marriage and divorce, maintenance, division of matrimonial property, guardianship, child custody as well as adoption, as developed by the Supreme Court and various high courts. The author has discussed major recent judgments of the Supreme Court on such contemporary concerns as the status of live-in relationships, the rights of the women, and of the children born of such relationships. The book also provides insights into contemporary matrimonial issues that have emerged out of new and developing perceptions of rights and duties, as well as alternative methods for settling matrimonial disputes.

Key Features: 

• Important aspects of Family Law such as marriage, divorce, maintenance, property, custody, and adoption have been discussed in a comprehensive yet intelligible manner

• Up to date with contemporary matrimonial issues as well as methods for matrimonial dispute settlement

• Important judicial pronouncements have been discussed and analyzed like Sofiya Sultana v State of Uttar Pradesh, Satish Ahuja v Sneha Ahuja etc.

• Contemporary issues and new developments on the subject have been incorporated

• Includes important decisions of Supreme Court and High courts.

• Essential reading for law students, professors, students and scholars of gender studies and sociology

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