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General Knowledge for Judicial Services Examinations


General Knowledge forms an important part of Judicial Services examinations. Almost at all stages of examinations questions relating to general knowledge are asked. In some States complete paper is dedicated to general knowledge. Therefore, as a part of preparatory process aspirants cannot exclude general knowledge.
In this sense, it is equally important to understand what to read in general knowledge. Aspirants are required to go through past years’ papers of various exams to get an idea of the level of questions that are asked. In this book we have tried to compile the basic general knowledge which is highly important for judicial services examinations. The compilation of MCQs is comprehensive and it is a good indicator of past years’ papers. The concise study material and one-liners will help the students to learn only important facts which are frequently asked in prelims and mains examinations.



  • Multiple Choice Questions from past years’ judicial services examinations
  • Important general knowledge one liners
  • General Knowledge in tabular form


Subjects covered:

Indian History, Polity and Governance, Geography, General Science, Environment and Ecology, Indian Economy, Computer and Information Technology, Miscellaneous.

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