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Law Notes on Law of Evidence


Law Notes Series by Shreeram Law House is an interesting concept in itself, both, in form and content, and aims to put forth the intricacies of the subject before the students in a reader-friendly manner. In law, each word, comma, and its interpretation carries an importance of its own and can be pivotal in turning a case on its head. Thus, as students of law, we must give utmost importance to the interpretation and conceptual clarity of the subject.

The book is an attempt in the direction of imparting this conceptual clarity on a very basic level. The reader might, at first, feel overwhelmed with the quantum of case laws, but must always remember that it is not the rote learning of the case names that matters, but it is the understanding of the underlying ratio that forms the core of the learning process. Divorcing academics from practice only impedes our grasp of the subject. It is, hence, crucial to stay abreast with the day-to-day court advancements and the debates arising in the legal landscape.

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