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Nani Palkhivala – Early Writings


This book is a compilation of writings and articles by one of India’s most formidable minds – Nani A Palkhivala. The articles, featured in newspapers and magazines in the two decades before Indian independence, are a documentation of a nation about to be born. They also trace the early influences on Palkhivala, which moulded him into a legendary jurist and business leader. In these early writings, you can see evidence of the incisive mind, the dry wit, the capacity to argue an unpopular opinion convincingly, and the immense joy that young Palkhivala found in words. This book functions not only as a chronicle of a dramatic period in Indian history, but also offers a peek into the mind of a budding genius. To assess a nation, one has to only look at its heroes. India is currently facing a moral drought, and it’s difficult to find a leader with an ethical backbone. This book, therefore, takes us back into the mind of a person with an unwavering moral compass, even as an adolescent. And God knows, India needs its heroes!

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