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Ready Reckoner for Judicial Service Preliminary Examinations


Revised and Updated, 4th Edition of Samath Agrawal’s Ready Reckoner for Judicial Service Preliminary Examinations tries to balance conceptual as well as bare-provision based aspects. It contains almost all relevant aspects for prelims exam. The point-wise and diagrammatic presentation of the topics makes it easy to read and to understand key concepts. All important provisions of Bare Acts are given in simple and lucid language.


  • Concise study material for preliminary examinations
  • Diagrammatic presentation of important concepts
  • Point-wise presentation for easy understanding
  • Leading and recent cases for prelims

Subjects covered:
Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Evidence Act, Code of Civil Procedure, Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India, Indian Contract Act, Transfer of Property Act, Hindu Laws, Muslim Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Limitation Act, Law of Torts, Indian Partnership Act, International Organizations, Specific Relief Act, Jurisprudence, Sale of Goods Act, Arbitration and Conciliation Act.

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