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Recent and Landmark Case Laws


The book contains matchless collection of recent and landmark cases of Supreme Court of India.
The cases are systematically arranged in a tabular format and neatly divided into various subjects
and chapters. From the point of view of competitive examination it is an excellent study material
wherein students will easily get all the relevant cases for their exams. Another striking aspect of
this book is that only relevant portions of cases are mentioned in order to have comprehensive
understating in short time.

Apart from a comprehensive collection of cases, the books also boasts of huge collection of
multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on case laws. Keeping in mind the changing trend of
questions in exams, it becomes extremely necessary to have a good knowledge of cases.
Questions are often asked from Supreme Court cases and therefore, students cannot afford to
miss these while preparing.


  • Important cases laws in tabular form
  • Recent and Landmark case laws for prelims and mains
  • Subject-wise and Chapter-wise presentation

Subjects covered:
Constitution of India, Code of Criminal Procedure, Code of Civil Procedure, Indian Evidence
Act, Indian Contract Act, Indian Penal Code, Hindu Laws, Muslim Laws, Transfer of Property
Act, Law of Torts, Negotiable Instrument Act, Sale of Goods Act, Indian Partnership Act,
Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Limitation Act, Specific Relief Act, Administrative Law,

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