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Textbook on Hindu Law


This is the first ever book which has covered the major portions of personal law in a detailed explanation. The book is a complete work on the personal laws of two communities — Hindus and Muslims. Being a Text Book, the book covers the syllabus of LL.B, B.A LL.B, LL.M courses of almost all northern region Universities, Colleges, Departments and Institutions. This is divided in ten chapters which are explained in parts and sub parts. Being both the communities are close to their respective religions, so the content of the book does not intend to cause harm of the feelings of either. The true fact is that both Hindus and Muslims are based on their customary practices. That’s why before the codified law could be discussed; the equal importance is given to the uncodified / customary part of the law as well. The intention of the Legislations and their provisions are fully read before inserting into the relevant chapters. An attempt is made to touch the relevant and landmark case laws. Wherever required, the judgments are discussed in detail to understand the conceptuality of Laws.

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Prof. Supinder Kaur

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3rd Edition




Shreeram Law House

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