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Writ Remedies


This classic work on writ remedies is arranged thematically for ease of reference. It contains dedicated chapters on each of the writs available under the Constitution of India, viz, Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Quo Warranto, Certiorari and Prohibition.

The book consists two parts. Part I of the work comprises 19 Chapters which includes a general introduction explaining concepts like judicial control and administrative action. The other chapters deal with the scope of Articles 32 and 226 of the Constitution; against whom Writ lies; Locus Standi; alternative remedy; delay, acquiescence and estoppel; suppression of material facts; Public Law and Private Law; Mandamus; Certiorari; Prohibition; Quo-Warranto; Habeas Corpus; grounds of judicial review; intensity of judicial review; judicial review of cases; Judicial Activism; Public Interest Litigation and the rights we have. Part-II consists of Guidelines for drafting Writ Petitions- Check List and Model Petitions.

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